OceanCurrent - Installing a movie player for fli animations

The animations on this website are stored as fli files which can be viewed using a variety of movie players. This is an old but efficient format.

You may not need to do any software installing at all, so before proceding with these installation instructions, try running one of the movies. If garbage comes up on the screen, click the Back button, then proceed as follows, depending what sort of computer you are using:

X11 workstation
Download xanim , then tell your browser to use xanim to view the movies by putting a line in your .mailcap file saying video/*; xanim %s
Download Quicktime from Apple.
PC (running Windows)
If your browser did not run the installer for you, do so yourself from Windows Explorer, then exit your browser and restart it.

Now tell your computer what program to use to view fli files:

Windows 2000/XP
Open Windows Explorer Tools/Folder Options/File Types and type 'fli' into the list window. If you find a line associating the .fli extension with a program, click on change and choose Aawin or Quicktime from the menu (if there) or click other and find where you installed your chosen player. If you did not find a line associating the .fli extension with any program, click New and proceed.
Windows 7
Open Control Panel> Programs > Default Programs > Set Associations > and proceed as per Windows XP. You may or may not also have to tell your browser what program to use for fli animations. In Firefox 7, open tools > options > Applications and find '.fli'.

To un-install either movie viewer completely from your machine, use the Add/Remove programs tool on the Control Panel.

On-line Help

With Waaplay (aawin)
Click the help button on the player
With Quicktime
Click the help button on the player, which sends you to
With xanim
Type xanim -h

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