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How strong is the East Australian Current? The science is finally in.

Bernadette Sloyan, David Griffin, and Gabriela Pilo

13 October, 2023

The East Australian Current (EAC) is Australia’s most influential ocean feature. But do we know its vital statistics? Actually, not until now (other than from a handful of brief field campaigns or modelling...

When is slack tide?

David Griffin

2 September, 2023

Slack tide is when the tidal current turns from flooding to ebbing, or vice versa. If you need to conduct an operation during the period of weakest tidal current, this is when to do it. But published...

OceanCurrent goes to the Gold Coast

David Griffin

30 June, 2023

Next week is the Australian Marine Science Association conference at the Gold Coast (at 28ºS). Since there will be a special IMOS session, and an East Australian Current session, how could we pack our...