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A Bonney Bloom

Gabriela S. Pilo, Larissa Patricio-Valerio, and Edward King

2 February, 2024

Late last year we took note of the persistent upwelling along the Bonney Coast. Indeed, the ocean conditions led to a phytoplankton bloom, evident in our maps of ocean colour (Figure 1) and in true...

Sydney to Hobart race conditions: exceptional currents

David Griffin and Gabriela S. Pilo

22 December, 2023

We have exceptional ocean conditions for this year's race, as far as favourable currents are concerned, thanks to the combined effect of four warm-core (anti-clockwise rotating) eddies and one cold-core...

An early Bonney upwelling

Hugo Bastos de Oliveira and Jessica Benthuysen

11 December, 2023