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The impact of geomagnetic storms on ocean measurements

Gabriela S. Pilo & Benoit Legresy

29 May, 2024

On the nights of 11 to 13 of May, the boreal and austral skies were lightened by the ionisation of particles from a strong geomagnetic storm. The auroras were seen by the naked eye, and beautifully captured...

Maps of sea level and surface currents like you've never seen before

David Griffin

1 March, 2024

Great news for anyone interested in ocean currents: SWOT data is now available, and is much better than expected! SWOT is a new type of satellite altimeter. Instead of just measuring sea level directly...

A Bonney Bloom

Gabriela S. Pilo, Larissa Patricio-Valerio, and Edward King

2 February, 2024

Late last year we took note of the persistent upwelling along the Bonney Coast. Indeed, the ocean conditions led to a phytoplankton bloom, evident in our maps of ocean colour (Figure 1) and in true...